What is Q?

Q is an open protocol for shared governance security. It unleashes the true power of Web3 by enabling applications and other protocols to upgrade security and unlock entirely new growth opportunities.

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Beyond Code-Is-Law

Every Web3 project needs secure governance. Some things can be coded. For everything else, there is Q.

A New Primitive

Q is the first universal framework for decentralized governance. Just as Ethereum is the gold standard for transaction security, Q will be the gold standard for governance security.

Ready to Scale

Build on a solid technical foundation with best-in-class backers, Q’s ecosystem is growing fast. Its novel cryptoeconomic model ensures a sustainable development of the Q Protocol.

Unleash Rewards

Start an exciting journey where every action is a step towards victory and rewards.

How to Get Rewarded


Choose tasks aligned with your skills and interests.


Every completed task brings you closer to Q Tokens.


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Token Economy

Q token holders benefit from the protocol’s superior economics: As key stakeholders, they receive a share of governance fees paid by other protocols building on Q as a reward for their participation in the Q governance system. Via its in-protocol delegation feature, they can get extra rewards for supporting the network’s security.

Supported by top players like HashKey, Greenfield Capital and Deutsche Telekom, Q boasts a thriving ecosystem.

Token economy

A Virtuous Circle

Value created at the application layer accrues to governance participants and token holders. This improves governance security provided by Q, which in turn attracts new ecosystem participants.

A Sustainable Economy

Q’s economics are unique. In addition to transaction fees, Q stakeholders receive governance fees from protocols or other entities that opt into Q’s governance-as-a-service features. This creates a sustainable economy.

Stakeholder Rewards

Q token holders play a vital role in the Q governance framework. Like all stakeholders that contribute to Q’s governance security, they are rewarded for their participation and receive a share of the governance fees generated. They can further boost their rewards via Q’s in-protocol stake delegation mechanism.

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